Densters: A monster of an idea

One of my favourite childhood memories is making dens with my sister. We used to call them camps. We would wile away long summer days in the garden. Where everything was an adventure. My Dad is a carpenter and used to work in the building trade. He would help us to construct the most elaborate ‘camps’. Positioning his carpentry work horses to build the skeleton and define the structure before draping them with large tarpaulin sheets that would create shady rooms for us to play in.

In the colder months, we would try to recreate our architectural masterpieces in the living room with blanket veiled settee and furniture, all held precariously into place with clothes pegs or shut in the bureau drawers (yes, a bureau. We had this random piece of furniture). So many of those clothes pegs met their demise under the strain of it all – Sorry Mum!

So when a friend of mine who works in interior design, told me about her friend’s recent Kickstarter campaign, these fun memories came flooding back.

I give you, the Densters, a family of 8 fun and friendly monsters that will enable a world of imaginative play and take den-building to a whole new level.

Densters set

These creative tools for children are the genius concept of creative company, Kidesign, who have worked with museum luminaries The V&A, Design Museum, British Museum, and Serpentine Galleries on educational projects for kids.

In this digital age, there’s no getting away from the fact that our children are enveloped in a world of media and technology. Working alongside students from the Royal College of Art, the London-based company have created these unique toys to unleash kids’ imaginations – to encourage children to take some downtime from the screens and use their surroundings to build and explore a world of their own.

“By reconnecting children with the world around them, we aim to inspire the next generation of creatives and push the boundaries of their imagination by building, learning and growing through organic play.” Dejan Mitrovic, designer and director, Kidesign

Perfect for gripping sheets, clipping to tables, biting blankets and hooking onto door handles, these little guys also take on a dual functional purpose, for those non den-building days.

Primarily aimed at 3-10 year olds, each character comes to life with its own personality. A nice touch that allows children to draw identifications and allows parents and carers to explain characteristics and emotions.

Densters toy Cheekaboo hook den peg Zigzies Denster Cable Holder Den Clip Wizetta Denster Bookmark Den tie Snella Denster Phone Stand Den Sucker Hoopsta Denster Bracelet Den Ring Grumpo Denster Door Stopper Den Clamp

Over the past year, Kidesign have been prototyping Densters using flexible 3D printing. User-testing the toys with children has shown great results in developing creative thinking, building skills and imagination. They are now ready to bring these friendly monsters to life using child-friendly, high grade silicone which is non-toxic.

Densters have been launched for pre-orders on Kickstarter.

Head here to find out more and pledge your support before 1st December 2016.