Back to basics with Nana’s Manners

We all know that mealtimes can sometimes be a bit of a challenge when you have little ones. I know they are in our household at the moment. At 22 months old, Noa is at that ‘wanting to be independent’ stage. She has been using a smaller version of ‘grown up’ cutlery for a while now and whilst she fully realises that these shiny implements are the vehicles on which food gets to her mouth, she still has a little way to go before fully mastering the technique.

As I wade through the sea of peas I wonder how they seemingly multiply between the highchair table and the floor.

I love her sheer determination as she tries to navigate those peas from her plate, through the air, and then, uh oh, she over-turns her fork at the very last second and those little green balls of delight tumble to the floor and roll everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Her utter frustration as her brain computes the lack of food intake and my utter frustration at the accumulating mess on the floor. As I wade through the sea of peas I wonder how they seemingly multiply between the highchair table and the floor.

But this may just be the solution I’ve been looking for. Nana’s Manners is the brain child of former primary school teacher, Kathryn Baldrey-Chourio. A mum of two herself, Kathryn has drawn upon her teaching experience to develop Nana’s Manners. A fun and quirky brand that is dedicated to helping children develop everyday basic life skills such as using a knife and fork.

Orange_Green Cutlery

Through teaching in school, Kathryn identified the need for children to hold and use cutlery effectively amongst her own students. And quickly learnt that there is no cutlery on the market that shows children how to correctly hold their knife and fork.

The fun addition of these playful, directional stickers allows kids to really get to grips with the correct way to hold their cutlery. And shows that Kathryn is really seeing this product through children’s eyes.

stickers cutlery combined Prototype

From teacher to product designer, Kathryn impressively taught herself the skills required to create these ergonomic utensils from scratch. Her initial concepts were modelled in the classroom. Using clay and cardboard she moulded the handle into a comfortable and unique shape to guide small hands. And of course, the children in her class became ideal product testers to allow Kathryn to perfect her product.


I love the bright, non-gender specific colours and can’t wait to get my hands on a set. Or I should say, get ‘her’ hands on a set.

To make it happen…

‘I am so excited about launching Nana’s Manners on Kickstarter. It’s been such a journey and I can’t wait to get the cutlery out and into little hands’ – Kathryn

This is just the first product from Nana’s Manners whose vision is to promote independent learning for children and in turn make life a little less stressful for parents and children alike.

Now with a complete patented product, Nana’s Manners will launch through Kickstarter in the hope to fund their initial production run. So if you like what you see, get involved and head over to Kickstarter for your chance to buy one of the first edition sets of cutlery.

The campaign kicks off on 21st June.

For more information, check out the Nana’s Manners website.


Photo credits: Nana’s Manners